Joshua Browitt is a contemporary artist whose work offers a platform allowing us to reconnect to the natural world by creating paintings that mirror nature and organic forms

“I want my work to connect us to the beauty in nature however subtle at times these connections may be. I’d like people to stop and look at my paintings in the same way they might stop and look at a sunset and think “wow – nature really can be beautiful”. Through these connections I hope to offer alternative experiences of enjoyment and escapism from our manic urbanised lives. We are biologically harmonius with nature and not superior to it.”

Pouring, tilting and manipulating paints over a period of time he affects the flow of the materials allowing the evolution of form, colour and tone to take place. As a consequence of creating layer upon layer of paint his paintings fashion their own physical potential, existing as both earthly and ethereal forms. The paintings are abstract but not in a conventional sense; they evoke their own atmospheric existence reflecting earth, water, clouds, fog and minerals mirroring a natural environment. Importantly there is a constant interplay between abstraction and nature within the paintings.